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Running apicurio on external server

Hi all, I followed the guide for running on external server. I'd like running it on a firm's server on datacenter, and I changed the default port in standalone.apicurio.xml. Launching ./bin/standalone.sh -c standalone.apicurio.xml -b apicurio crashes. If I put the machine ip, -b 10.x.x.x, it works, but then from the browser, on a firm's pc, it complains that there's a Invalid parameter: redirect_uri. Any idea ?

How can I add the security schema

Go go SECURITY REQUIREMENTS of my api -> it shows --> No security requirements have been configured.Add security requirement --> *There are currently no Security Schemes defined for this API. Before you can configure the security requirements, you must first configure the possible schemes. Security schemes are configured at the root/global of the API.* Any more detail , how can I setup the security schema in deep?

How do I expose a SOAP Endpoint instead of REST?

Is it possible to create a SOAP Web service using existing WSDL and expose it similar to REST?

How do I set the host on the version 2 (swagger) spec?

I'm using the online editor and cannot figure out where to specify the 'host' when using Open API v2 (swagger). It is there for v3 but not for v2. Help?

Dev Colaboration on apicurio studio

Is it possible to share an API design between multiple devs on online studio version? I mean to work on the project. As the API is being stored in a Github repo... and given I added other devs in this repo as contributors. How can two or more devs work in the same API in design time?